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Process Control: Improving the Productivity of Your Small Factory

Several years ago, I purchased a small clothing factory. My goal was to focus on producing quality goods that were affordable for people on fixed incomes. It didn't take me long to see that we needed to improve the production process. To get started, I brought in a production and efficiency expert. She looked at our current production layout and identified several ways to eliminate waste and shorten the amount of time needed to cut and assemble a garment. With some rearranging of machinery and job responsibilities, we were able to increase our productivity by 30% and reduce operational costs by the same amount. Whether your company produces clothing, widgets, or toys, it pays to take a second look at the process. Let me share what the expert did to help us. You may find some of those same suggestions will work for your operation.


Five Add-Ons And Features For Bagging Machines That Can Help Protect Your Bottom Line

22 December 2016
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Vertical or linear bagging machines are a critical piece of packaging machinery, especially if you sell coffee beans, powders, candy or a range of other items. There are a range of features and accessories you can add to your vertical bagging machines, and many of them can help you save time or money. 1. Programmability With Ability to Save Multiple Options In most cases, when you set up your vertical bagging machine, you tweak the controls or measurements based on the size of bag you are using or volume of product you want to pack. Read More …

5 Ways The Right Stretch Wrapper Can Save Your Company Money

4 August 2015
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If you work at a company that ships large amounts of products, you know how important it is to wrap loads securely so they are safe during transportation. A properly-wrapped load will not only prevent the products from being damaged during shipment, but it also makes it safer for employees working around these large loads. What isn't so obvious is that the right stretch wrapping machine can also save your company money. Read More …

Using The Power Of The Cloud For A Competitive Edge In Manufacturing

12 March 2015
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Cloud technology may not be something that most people associate with manufacturing, but that is changing rapidly. As technology grows and changes almost daily, it's more important than ever that manufacturers stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends in order to maintain a competitive edge. New technology means constantly changing software, which can be both tremendously expensive and difficult to implement for many manufacturers. However, using software based in the cloud can mean manufacturers get the benefits of the new technology without completely overhauling their own systems every time a change is made. Read More …