Five Add-Ons And Features For Bagging Machines That Can Help Protect Your Bottom Line

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Five Add-Ons And Features For Bagging Machines That Can Help Protect Your Bottom Line

22 December 2016
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Vertical or linear bagging machines are a critical piece of packaging machinery, especially if you sell coffee beans, powders, candy or a range of other items. There are a range of features and accessories you can add to your vertical bagging machines, and many of them can help you save time or money.

1. Programmability With Ability to Save Multiple Options

In most cases, when you set up your vertical bagging machine, you tweak the controls or measurements based on the size of bag you are using or volume of product you want to pack. Most vertical bagging machines make this relatively easy by including tech features such as touchscreens.

However, in addition to basic programmability, you should look for a machine that also saves different settings. This helps to speed up your workflow because you don't have to reprogram the machine each time you want to make a change. Instead, you can simply look through your list of saved preferences and choose the one relevant to your company. That saves time, reduces payroll and ultimately helps your bottom line.

2. Dosing Equipment

In some cases, you can buy vertical bagging machines with dosing equipment attached, and in other cases, you can modify an existing machine so that it has dosing equipment. Depending on what you select, this equipment has the ability to measure the items you are bagging by weight, volume or number count. This insures accuracy which can save you money in multiple ways.

Namely, you don't have to worry about over packing any of your bags and accidentally "giving" extra product away. Additionally, consistency can help to manage client expectations and reduce returns and complaints.

3. Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are a relatively new development for many vertical or linear bagging machines. These tools are rodless ball screw attachments, and they force the machine to automatically adjust to the size of the bag that has just entered the conveyor belt.

If you are using bags that are flawlessly the same size, you don't need this feature. However, if you are using bags that are slightly irregular, you may want to look into an actuator. In particular, some inexpensive bags have irregularities. The linear actuator makes up for this fact by grasping the bag and positioning it carefully before filling it. This saves you money because it allows you to potentially use less expensive bags, and it helps to eliminate costly errors when using odd-sized bags.

4. Sleeves

Rather than using bags, consider looking for a vertical bagging machine that works with plastic sleeves. Sleeves are typically cheaper to buy than bags as they are easier to make. Essentially, the manufacturer just has to create a long sleeve or hollow "tube" of plastic, rather than creating multiple bags with seals on their bases. That helps you save money. When you use the sleeves, the vertical bagger cuts them, seals the base and fills them.

5. Automatic Sealers

In some applications, you may want to seal your own bags. For example, if you sell vintage candy, tying the bag shut with a cute ribbon may be more authentic than having the bag sealed by machinery. However, in other cases, you may want to looking into packaging machinery that can seal the bag for you.This saves time and helps to reduce labor costs. It also reduces the amount of open-ended bags that may spill on the production floor and lead to wasted products.

To learn more about add-ons or features that can help to streamline your bagging experience and save your company money, contact a company like Ferguson Packaging Machinery that sells processing equipment.