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Process Control: Improving the Productivity of Your Small Factory

Several years ago, I purchased a small clothing factory. My goal was to focus on producing quality goods that were affordable for people on fixed incomes. It didn't take me long to see that we needed to improve the production process. To get started, I brought in a production and efficiency expert. She looked at our current production layout and identified several ways to eliminate waste and shorten the amount of time needed to cut and assemble a garment. With some rearranging of machinery and job responsibilities, we were able to increase our productivity by 30% and reduce operational costs by the same amount. Whether your company produces clothing, widgets, or toys, it pays to take a second look at the process. Let me share what the expert did to help us. You may find some of those same suggestions will work for your operation.


3 Considerations When Buying And Owning Standing Seam Panels

13 April 2017
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When your home has been through seasons of wear and tear, upgrading the roof is always an important consideration. In this regard, one way you can truly upgrade your roof and provide more value to your home is to consider buying standing seam panels instead of typical shingled roofing. There are a lot of advantages for switching to standing seam panels, and plenty of manufacturers who will happily provide any sort of work that you need. Read More …

Advantages of Using Residential Steel in the Home, and Even as a Home

15 March 2017
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Many people are finding the benefits of using residential steel in home construction far more ideal than traditional wood. You can also go all in with using a steel building as a home. For those who construct dwelling places, it's worth it to take a look at what steel can do for a new home, or even an old one in need of some renovation. Advantages of Using Steel over Wood in Home Construction Read More …

Supermarket Savvy: Is The Food From Dented Cans Safe To Eat?

7 March 2017
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Food sealed in metal cans that you buy at your supermarket is hermetically sealed. Hermetic is scientific jargon for airtight. This means that microorganisms cannot mix with your food and make you sick. Dented cans may have compromised seals. Here's how cans are sealed and why you might want to pass on those dented cans: How Cans Are Sealed Cans are sealed with machines called can seamers. These large industrial machines turn the edges of your can's top cover (the lid) under so that it can be fitted and sealed to the top of the can. Read More …

Learn How To Have Metal Bottle Openers Created To Give To The Groomsmen At Your Wedding

25 January 2017
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If you are looking for great gifts to give your groomsmen as wedding gifts, consider having custom gifts created for them. It is possible to have custom made bottle openers made from metal to give your groomsmen. The guide below walks you through the process to take to ensure that you can have the perfect gifts created. Consider a Card Style Bottle Opener You first need to consider the style that you would like for the bottle openers. Read More …

Medical Tubing and Custom Options for Your Situation

23 January 2017
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If you spend any time in a hospital, a doctor's office, or another medical facility, you have likely seen medical tubing being used in many different ways. It can be to deliver fluids to the body, deliver medications from a pump, or even to remove fluids from a patient. In some cases, custom tubing is required to work for an application, but there are solutions for that too. Traditional Medical Tubing Read More …