Advantages of Using Residential Steel in the Home, and Even as a Home

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Advantages of Using Residential Steel in the Home, and Even as a Home

15 March 2017
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Many people are finding the benefits of using residential steel in home construction far more ideal than traditional wood. You can also go all in with using a steel building as a home. For those who construct dwelling places, it's worth it to take a look at what steel can do for a new home, or even an old one in need of some renovation.

Advantages of Using Steel over Wood in Home Construction

For the longest time, home construction consisted almost exclusively of wood. Many of the homes in existence today are mostly wood constructs. These days, it's possible to construct a home utilizing steel in three main ways.

1. Framing - Steel framing offers several advantages over wood framing. Steel is a lot lighter than wood. This makes the metal studs

  • easier to cut,
  • easier to move,
  • and easier to handle.

Steel framing offers more strength and stability than wood. Wood can shrink, warp, twist, split, grow mold, and rot. By contrast, steel doesn't suffer from any of those issues.

Wood can become the home to insects and vermin. Once again, steel remains immune to such potential problems. Steel framing won't catch on fire if one starts in the home. That alone makes it more appealing to many people.

2. I-beams – Much like metal studs, you can use steel I-beams in home construction. They can hold the same amount of weight as wood beams, but take up less space. They're especially ideal for homes that utilize wider spaces.

3. Metal building – A full metal building system allows for a home that's constructed using steel for most of its shell. These types of homes come with all the aforementioned benefits of using steel. They're also built to specifications. You can start with a prefabricated home you can then customize.

Using metal for a home also offers a tremendous amount of flexibility in the home's design. Since steel uses bolts, it makes it easier to adjust heights and move walls. For example, it's possible to raise or lower the pitch of a roof. It's possible to add, remove, or change a room, with far less effort.

Consider Residential Steel for Your Upcoming Projects

Using steel in new construction or renovation can make a lot of sense. It's typically a faster process than other types of materials. And when the home or structure has run its course, recycling the steel can send it right back into use, rather than into a landfill.

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